Band statistics

I thought it would be useful to know what bands are performing the best for my current grid locator, so I've made a graph that shows the average WSPR distance per band over the last 24 hours.
You can see it for my grid locator at /bandstats/IO81. Change the locator on the end to your one to suit.
You can quite clearly see the lower bands working better at night, and the higher bands in the day.
The distances are in kilometres. Convert to miles by dividing by 1.609344

I have also started on a separate page which (will) show the best band to use between two grid squares. You can see the current work here:

Both of these only work if people are sending/receiving WSPR signals. If no signals are show in your square, especially if it's outside the US, Europe and Australia, why not run a WSPR receiver, or even a WSPR beacon? There are even kits if you don't want to leave a PC and/or transceiver powered on the whole time.