Public satellite pass API

I have rewritten my satellite pass API.
It currently supports JSON, iCal and RSS formats.
The parameters should be fairly obvious. Mandatory parameters (in the URL) are NORAD ID, lat, lon. Optional are query params - minelevation (default 30), and number of hours (default 48, max 72).
This API call will show you the supported satellite IDs


In this example, it will get the next 12 hours worth of ISS passes over 70 degrees elevation over Bristol, UK: https://api.g7vrd.co.uk/v1/satellite-passes/25544/51.45/-2.5833.json?minelevation=70&hours=12


As well as producing JSON output, it can also produce iCalendar format, which will allow importing into Google Calendar, Outlook etc.
For this, change the extension to .ical. The above URL would then be https://api.g7vrd.co.uk/v1/satellite-passes/25544/51.45/-2.5833.ical?minelevation=70&hours=12
Clicking the link above will cause a .ics file to be downloaded. This can be imported into compatible calendar software.
The reminder is set for 10 minutes before each pass, but some calendar software won't allow .ics files to set alerts, so you might have to set the reminder times manually.
Take care if you import satellite passes into your calendar like this, ensure that you delete ones that will wake you up. I don't want to be responsible for your broken sleep!


You can also get an RSS feed. Change the extension to .rss. The above URL would then be https://api.g7vrd.co.uk/v1/satellite-passes/25544/51.45/-2.5833.rss?minelevation=70&hours=12
I haven't yet firmed up what information will be in the feed, so it could change. If there's anything you'd like in there, please let me know.

AMSAT has a good amount of information about amateur radio satellites
Happy satellite hunting!

This API uses G4DPZ's Predict4Java prediction library which does all the clever calculations.